Eating a Meal



​A1: Shrimp and pork spring rolls ( 2 pcs )

A2: Grilled meat spring rolls ( 2 pcs )

(Your choice of beef, pork, chicken or shrimp)

A3: Vegetarian spring rolls ( 2 pcs )

A4: Crab chesse wonton ( 6 pcs )

A5: Pork fried eggrolls ( 6 pcs )

A6: Vegetarian eggrolls ( 6 pcs )

A7: Rocket shrimp ( 6 pcs )

( Marinated shrimp, wrapped in wheat wrapper, and deep fried )

A8: Crab meat fried eggrolls ( 6 pcs )

A9: Edamame

A10: Fried Dumpling ( 6 pcs )

( Your choice of Pork or Vegetarian )

A11: Shrimp and Pork Vietnamese Savory Crispy Crepe 

( Served with lettuce, cucumbers, beansprouts, mints, and in house dipping fish sauce. )

A12: Chicken wings sauteed with house sauce ( 6 pcs )


B1: Sandwich served with grilled meat

( Choice of beef, pork or chicken )

B2: Sandwich served with Spam ( Regular or turkey spam ) and fried eggs

​B3: Sandwich served with Spam and Vietnamese Ham 


S1: Vietnamese Beef Salad

(Bean sprouts, basils, bell peppers, white onions, shallots, in-house pickled radish and carrot. Topped with peanuts. Served with tamarind dressing.

S2: Steam chicken salad

( Lettuce, beansprouts, basils, bell peppers, white onions, in house pickled radish and carrot. Topped with peanuts, served homemade fish sauce )

S3: Steam shrimp and pork salad

     Cabbage, basil, bell peppers, white onions, shallots, in-house pickled radish and carrot. Topped with peanuts. Served with homemade fish sauce. 

S4: Vietnamese rice paper salad

**Special: Shredded rice papers, green mango, Vietnamese coriander, beef jerky,  dried baby shrimp, lime juice.  Topped with peanuts and fried shallots.


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